The Tribez


Develop your own caveman community




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The Tribez is a fun management game where you play a caveman from the Stone Age, where cattle and farming are your only means of survival. You'll have to use your instincts to survive in these different surroundings.

The past is full of mysterious secrets that you have to investigate, discovering what's hidden behind each primitive village. Throw yourself into this adventure and spend hours exploring a world like you've never seen before. There are plantations you can discover and use to feed your people fresh food each day, on the road to developing the first civilization in history. The mountains, the sea, and the river are completely unknown to your people, but you still have to use them to expand your network of resources.

At the beginning of the game you have to do a short tutorial that teaches you how to work the land and grow all the plants you can. As you discover new locations, you'll find different types of food, learn to build houses and communal areas, and enjoy an exciting new world like you've never known it before.
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